Phil Gentle founded his own buisness in 1998, after gaining years of valuable experience with a traditional family firm of general trimmers and sailmakers, realised his ambition and branched out on his own.

In 2000, the fledgling company moved into it's current purpose designed workshop, housed in an historic building in the World's first Garden City Letchworth.

BAI is now a worthy part of the town's artistic and automotive heritage that includes companies such as Ogle Design, the creators of the Reliant GTE.

Just having his own workshop wasn't good enough for Phil so once he started his own business he sat down and planned the most efficient layout the two story workshop was the perfect solution offering designated areas for each stage of the trimming process.

With the foundations set and already a well established business with a regular list of demanding clients, BAI is now ready for the next phase in it's development.

Having built a reputation for quality and reliable service  with the owners and dealers of modern cars, BAI is now increasingly using the same professional approach to meet the  demands of classic car owners and dealers who might want trim work done, but don't necessarily want it to 'show'.

"There's an increasing demand for good quality understated retrim work that just looks like it had always been done that way," Phil explains. If that kind of work sounds simple, it most certainly is not.

The Future?
It's already here at BAI!  Phil Gentle and his team are enthusiasts themselves - the crew all have a particular personal interest, whether it be early Volkswagen Golfs, motorcycles, or custom vans.

Respecting the skills and styles of the past, while also being into current trends and fashions is a useful mix of skills to have. And from that background, Phil and the team are now ready to announce the expansion of the business into track day/race car and bike trim work, as well as a more personalised 'custom' service in selecting the right combination of colours and modern 'high tech' fabrics and materials to  ensure your new project has the very latest look.

So that's BAI - the right combination of experience, quality
workmanship and vision.


phil gentle


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